Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's Not Pending

Folio! What a fun and true look at what's pending! "Pending" allows for time to look forward, for time to reconsider, for time to celebrate those little steps toward whatever we are waiting for.

What's NOT pending for me today: shopping for necessary household supplies, picking up my child from school, shoveling snow, and cooking dinner.

This writing business is a bizarre one. Its slogan could be "Hurry Up and Wait..."

The pain of the business is parallel to the angst suffered by the chimps who were subjected to punishing electric shocks. Those that got them on a predictable time table coped much better than those that got randomly timed shocks. Those in the latter study group spent every moment cowering in corners, full of anxiety. If our industry was more predictable, it wouldn't frustrate so much. Only the bravest and strongest among us can handle this uniquely punishing business. This intrepid Sister suggests we celebrate our persistence and patience and give ourselves the kudos we deserve. Love and strength from the Inkpot.

1 comment:

  1. Randomly timed shocks, eh? ZAP! Ouch!
    You're so right, though, I know several excellent writers who've had their spirits crushed by rejection letters. Tenacity and a thick-skin should be listed as prerequisites on the job application...