Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Signings

I had the pleasure of attending two out of four of my sisters' signings for their debut books. So proud to report that Janet and Shannon (as well as Carol of course) were poised and perfect speakers. What a great celebration. Having a first book out is like reaching the top of Mount Everest. Hope you two (three) will find the oxygen canisters on the way back down from your celebrations. Breathe breathe breathe. Now get back to work on your new novels! Julie, that counts for you, too. You made the after signing parties so tasteful (double meaning) and wonderfully intimate! Love ya sisters!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real Life Characters

I just finished reading Spirit Lens, another incredible fantasy novel by Carol Berg. The world and characters are still swirling in my head and I am now picturing everyone in my life in hues of magic, castles, royal court and above all, character.

What if my dear sisters were players in a fantasy world such as this? One sister would be the queen. She is regal, has an unwavering sense of duty and the unflinching ability to discern right from wrong. Head high, she faces whatever life throws at her and handles it with grace.

One sister is undoubtedly the high-spirited knight. Always open to laughter and teasing, she’s the first to action, standing in front with sword raised should any of the others be threatened. Her loyalty is unwavering.

The other sister is obviously the wizard. Wise beyond earthly measure, her counsel is sought in all matters large and small. Her magic calms nerves, soothes injured hearts, and grants courage to all in her care. She is able to conjure whatever tool or weapon is needed in any battle, saving the day over and over.

As much fun as it is contemplate these roles, the reality is messier and more delightful. At any moment the crown, sword and wand can be juggled from one hand to another and the magic of friendship sparks in our hearts.

The metaphor has gone on long enough. Just wait until I read a western!

Love to all,