Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great Read

I just finished reading a great book by our dear Sister of the Quill, Julie Kaewert. A brilliant prequel to her earlier Plumtree mystery series. And I got to read it before publication! Look forward to seeing it bound and facing out in the bookstores. May the words, paragraphs and chapters be with us! Love from the Inkpot

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Sisters of the Quill,

Having always been a big fan of writing with pen and paper, I’ve had to work hard to evolve with technology: conquering cut and paste back when Word Star made it infinitely more cumbersome, track changes (which this editor now appreciates as much as the invention of the printing press), the social realm of Face Book and LinkedIn (still amazed my son wanted to friend me!). And - soon to come - zipping and unzipping files (which sounds a bit intimate to me).

May mastering these technological means by which to share our worlds through our words ward off brain rot.

I’m up for the new adventure of blogging because of you: the sisters I never had growing up, friends that will never be surpassed in generosity, and my most precious co-conspirators in literary crime. You understand and share my obsession with pulling the sunshine and dregs from the ether to slap down on paper. I admire you, Janet, Julie, and Shannon. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this journey with you. Love and Hugs from the Inkpot.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sisters of the Quill Blog Start

Good morning, Sisters!

My head is now officially spinning around! I think I have finally grasped how to blog. More comprehensively, anyway. Yes, it's taken me all this time. Totally pathetic, I know. Posting wasn't a problem and I've posted on my blog and even sent those to Facebook, but I just got linked to the two blogs for my press. I now understand how to post to those blogs, which feed right to their website. Sigh. This stuff makes for long days and little writing. But enough whining!!!!

A Sisters of the Quill blog! That's what jumped to mind as soon as I received your email, Sister. My only concern is whether I'd then want to continue my own blog. Might be good, though. Could keep one under my name and post to it, plus we could share a Sisters blog. We could all do that even though I suspect this Sisters blog will be more fun!

So we can talk about how we support each other, share the craft of writing and critique, and how we became Sisters. Laugh about some of our pain. Hmmm?