Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Signings

I had the pleasure of attending two out of four of my sisters' signings for their debut books. So proud to report that Janet and Shannon (as well as Carol of course) were poised and perfect speakers. What a great celebration. Having a first book out is like reaching the top of Mount Everest. Hope you two (three) will find the oxygen canisters on the way back down from your celebrations. Breathe breathe breathe. Now get back to work on your new novels! Julie, that counts for you, too. You made the after signing parties so tasteful (double meaning) and wonderfully intimate! Love ya sisters!


  1. Great signings? Attributable to great friends! Thank you again, sisters, for always being there.... Folio

  2. The comment was uttered by more than one multipubbed writer, "I've had several books released and never did I have a reception and party such as this." And we not only had one, but two once-in-a-lifetime parties! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the talented and open hearted sisters who have drawn me into the family.