Sunday, December 20, 2009


November and December have thrown up obstacles to my writing. I blew all my words on composing the annual Christmas letter, all my physical energy on cleaning up and cooking for my holiday bash, my psychological energy on comparing Christmas today to Christmas past, my Mommy energy on reuniting my impulsive college son with my deliberate and serious high school son. I also used and abused my creative thrust knocking my head against the wall trying to figure out what to give to several very-difficult-to-buy-for types.

I can only hope that the delay in getting back to my novel full-steam is giving me a chance to subconsciously chew away at the plot and resolve some of my character issues. If it turns out the time was productive in that regard, I'll have yet another thing to be grateful for going into 2010. Love to all and especially my Sisters, Inkpot

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  1. Obstacles and energy and bashing, oh my! Let us hope that 2010 fills you and all Sisters of the Quill with peace and renewed energy. Yes, we need to continue to throw rocks at those tricky characters of ours, so finding that delicate balance is imperative, yet infinitely more achievable with Sisters! Rest, celebrate your lovely family, and let your characters ferment until 2010 - they'll be far better for it!