Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Pending, pending, pending, and… pending! I now leave things pending or am left pending by others far too often. Especially when dealing with anything in this crazy world of books. Working on my new manuscript is pending, let alone an end date to actually complete it. Marketing materials are pending. Blogs are pending. Query letters are pending. Research is pending. Everything is pending! What, you want less whining and specific examples?

Well, one of my Sisters of the Quill is waiting to hear from her agent regarding an editor’s interest in her latest manuscript. Now that’s a fingernails-chewed-to-the-quick pending! Another Sister is anxious for the first glimpse of her book cover, which will coincide with release of that book. Whoa! Talk about toe-tapping pending! A third Sister has just submitted a revised manuscript to an agent who expressed interest, pending penning those revisions. So is her pending over now? No! Now it’s almost worse, knowing there’s a call pending from the agent.

Then there’s the consuming habit of yearning to write books, to actually sit in a chair and write. Who knew that in addition to actually writing books, we would also need to be business professionals and marketers and accountants and public speakers and readers and researchers and mentors? Sigh. So some days, writing is left pending, and that’s not right. But then again, there's always tomorrow, which is always pending. It makes me wish I could perfect that time-travel theory I'm exploring in my new manuscript. I know, I know, it's pending!


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