Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Change Someone's Story

I appreciated this blog post so much I decided I should share it here.
The theme, “Take someone's face in your hands.”  It's about being the one to make a stranger feel better.   A lovely thought.  I had a similar experience April in an airport when I missed a plane and had to run crying to catch another one to get to my dying father.  A woman in the boarding line ahead of me noticed my crushed state.  She offered to carry my bag and put it in the overhead for me.  She even gave me a hug as we got off the plane.  It reminded me that wonderful things can happen even parallel to devastating things.

- Inkpot

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  1. With all the "nasty" out there, I still feel that there's more GOOD in the world that isn't get the needed "air time." Sending a hug your way! :-]