Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Shall Thole

My friend Shirley gave me a word-of-the-day calendar for Christmas, and I look forward to each day's offering. Thus far, I've known most of the words, though I don't necessarily use them in conversation, and I've delighted in learning the few new words.

One in particular caught my fancy. Thole. To endure. I've tholed a lot in my writing career (as have most writers). Writing is a pleasure, in and of itself, but the occasional pat on the back has punctuated my satisfaction.

At first, those pats arrived from my friends in critique, for a lovely turn of phrase or sneaky plot twist. Then, there were contest wins with positive feedback. Later, when an agent or editor requested a full, I could wallow in anticipation for weeks. A "positive" rejection? Bring it on!

Just last week I submitted a query for a completed screenplay my husband and I co-wrote, and in two day (TWO DAYS!) the producer requested a full. Dick and I then spent two days (TWO DAYS!) running through our draft, fine-tuning this and that, before sending it off, along with the typical Hollywood release form.

Yet now, with a few books under my belt, the dream of having a screenplay optioned or receiving another book contract has made enduring the wait for a response different. Yes, I still daydream about a positive outcome for each and every query, but the fact that an experienced producer found our story concept intriguing enough to spend his time reading 100+ pages is, in and of itself, a pat on the back of enough magnitude to keep me smiling. If he declines? Yes, I'll be sad, but not for long. I shall thole!

~ Folio


  1. I love this! You and Dick have had many successes with Fogg In The Cockpit--well deserved. I am keeping my fingers crossed in the hope you'll have to thole the congratulations of all your friends when the contract comes through!

  2. And boy have you sister! For some reason I picture a Viking when I hear the word. I must be associating it with some fantasy name or something... A bit like troll too... which is a sneaky threat just as is the business of writing sometime... we try to cross a bridge only to be harassed with some obstacle. But you, you dear have managed to beat the sh-t out of that troll over and over again! Inky