Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BTS Reviews Gets Great Review

My new post on BTS Book and Book Trailer Reviews affiliated with Barnes and Nobel is about Hollywood’s money game, how it works. 

And great news: 

The Las Vegas Guardian Express has recognized BTS for the great review resource that it is.

                                  All of us involved in BTS are proud of how the magazine is catching attention.       http://btsemag.com/




  1. This feels like shameless advertising but I'm so busy with other projects that I have no time to write a brilliant commentary on anything. I will certainly have a writer tale to tell soon though. At the moment, I'm trying to find a photographer after mine backed out right after I signed a contract for my cookbook. The hard part, the allowance the publisher offered for photos is only $500. That makes it seemingly impossible. There are other things in my more private life that are taking too much time also. Forgive me for this lazy post...all.

  2. Advertising is not a dirty word! How else do people get information about such a good thing! Ads help us to find what we're looking for or inform us about new things. You absolutely should tell us about BTS. And the good reviews only emphsize the value you're offering. Congrats on this newest venture. And best of luck on figuring out the photographer and the rest of the annoyances plaguing you right now

  3. Oh, Inky, you're FINE! Life's busy, and you're doing your best (and great articles)! Sorry about the loss of your photographer...