Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ask Your Beta Reader

It helps a reader to know what you are concerned about. Here are some question you might want to ask so you can get actionable feedback on your book:

- What's the one word you'd use to describe each character?
- Who was your favorite character?
- Favorite scene?
- On which page do you think you know what the story will be about?
- What do you wish were different in chapter one?
- What's your favorite Chapter?
- Where did you skim?
- Why?
- Where did you cringe?
- Why
- Where did you cry/gasp/laugh?
- Why?
- What was too predictable?
- What do you consider the dark moment?
- Were you satisfied by the end?
- Why?

You'll notice there are many whys... that's because it is much more helpful to know WHY something is good or bad so you can go back and do more or less of that thing.

Remember to thank your Beta Reader!

Good editing!

From the Inkpot


  1. Great insight, Karen. I like the on which page do you know what the book is about, and the next question about chapter one. Thanks!

  2. This is great, Karen, extremely helpful. Also like Sue Wang's comment, since Sue also had a great list of questions for her own beta readers of her stunning memoir, MESSAGES from the Black Recliner.