Friday, July 24, 2015

What’s platform?

I have no book out in my own name yet, after 26 years of writing, but I've explored many other realms, gone on many tangents. I've taught in a variety of venues, published short fiction, poetry, articles, and essays. I've gotten paid to blog, done work-for-hire screenwriting, ghostwritten, have been super involved in a variety of social media - general and on my topics. I've professionally edited / midwifed many books and scripts and shorts and...  All those endeavors have put bricks in my "Platform." What is platform?  Frank Dorchak's recent post about platform made me think on the subject.

And this is my thought on it -- this week.

Maybe this isn't flattering, but platform seems to be a modest way of saying pedestal, as in: put you on a pedestal... look up to… find admiration enough to buy your product. At least that’s one way to look at it… the higher your pedestal, the more people will see you. The more people see you, the more people will likely buy your product. Getting yourself up on that platform is said to be one key to success now.  I'm building one hell of one!   - Inky


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  1. The way you put it sounds like the best, Inky! I like the "pedestal" part! You do whatever it takes (hopefully legal) to get that visibility. Thanks for the link, too!

    And of course, once you do get a book out there you will sell like craaay-zee, cause of YOUR pedestal. :-]