Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing Detours--My Monthly Column

I take detours as I write in many genres.  In August I became a columnist for BTS Book and Book Trailer Review Magazine (affiliated with Barnes & Noble). 

The first year of articles will be about screenwriting.  Hope you join me on this first leg of my journey.

The first article, in the August issue, was about making the choice to write a screenplay. I loved that BTS adorned the article with a picture of a sexy woman at the typewriter. Loved it!

September’s topic is format:

You can always find my latest column here:

Thanks for joining me!

Inkpot (AKA Karen Albright Lin – she who takes writing detours)

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  1. Again, great job, Karen! As you mentioned earlier, you ARE "failing oh-so-WELL" (geeze, instructing on international cruise ships...)! :-]