Monday, May 20, 2013


My story Easy was performed Thursday by Stories on Stage at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. I was thrilled they chose my flash fiction story as one of the pieces to be read. Stories on Stage had Alison Watrous and Cajardo Lindsey, two amazing actors, perform a dozen stories of love disasters. Each flash tale evoked strong response from the crowd: gasps, sighs and laughter. With wooden floors, exposed brick, and sparse contemporary exhibits, the restored old warehouse surprisingly provided just the right acoustics.

It was a good crowd, despite their warning that the beautiful sunny evening might keep some away. I was flanked by two great friends, Julie Kaewert and Yvonne Iden. At the end I had the pleasure of talking with other writers like Page Lambert and Gail Storey, Abbe Stutsman (Stories on Stage executive Director), museum personnel, and the actors.

When Mr. Lindsey asked me how I felt about the way he’d read my piece. I told him that he’d done it exactly as I’d heard it in my head --- a very high compliment. What a night! What a program.  Thanks to the BMoCA and Stories on Stage (, which allows you to live others’ lives briefly so you can bring that richness into your own.

----  Inky


  1. Congratulations, Inky!

    BTW, I've boarded up and filled in with cement our crawlspace....