Thursday, August 23, 2012

SoWest: Desert Justice

Evil abounds...

Frustrations mount...

Calls for revenge cry out!

In this volume, Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime offers twenty tales you won’t forget. Victims fight back, police pursue bad guys, scores are evened...but when all else fails, get a taste for how the desert claims its own!

SoWest: Desert Justice was released on July 21, 2012, and includes the story "Lucky Me" by Shannon Baker!

Here's an excerpt from "Lucky Me."

...The water surged around us, buffeting the rubber floor of the raft, rocketing us forward into a gauntlet of sharp rocks, white, frothy mountains of icy river attacking us. A lone body in this would be like a single sock in the devil’s washing machine. A lone body would disappear. At the very least, it would turn up with holes ripped through it. Poor Julie.

I slid off the side of the raft into the bottom and huddled close to the center loaded with dry bags tied so securely they’d probably come through the Apocalypse intact. As I landed on my knees I reached forward. My fingers closed around Julie’s slim ankle...

Shannon Baker's first book in her Nora Abbott mystery series, Tainted Mountain, will be released in March 2013 by Midnight Ink.

SoWest: Desert Justice, Volume 4, Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Anthology, includes stories by Shannon Baker, Susan Budavari, Laurie Fagen, Suzanne Flaig, Arthur Kerns, Deborah J Ledford, Elizabeth R. Marshall, Merle McCann, Margaret Morse, Kris Neri, Nancy Hart Newcomer, Toni Niesen, Virginia Nosky, R. K. Olson, Cathy Ann Rogers, Martin Roselius, Amy Schuster, Judy Starbuck, and Judith Starkston.


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