Thursday, November 24, 2011


I’m grateful for my sisters…who have helped me never give up. Today I review my submission spread sheets - those that query agents and publishers, those that approach directors and producers, and those that offer fiction and nonfiction to magazines. I find 200 + entries detailing what I sent, why I chose to send to that person, and when I can expect to hear back.

Occassionally good news arrives. I record acceptances and requests for fulls, etc. More often my work is praised but not a fit, close but not there, doesn't fit with the exact needs at this time...Writers know this drill.

The one change I’ve recently made to my attitude about it was inspired by Sister Folio. Instead of typing in Rejected … I now type Declined . Feels less permanent, less personal, less negative. I’m grateful after all these years that I’ve finally learned to be kinder to myself in this small way.

My sisters inspire me every day. In uncountable ways.

Someday I’ll be published to a wide audience and I’ll be able to use these spread sheets to demonstrate to other aspiring writers that it takes hard and focused work and unending perseverance. I am grateful for my gifts. That includes the small ones and the greatest ones: Folio, Nib, and Storm Petrel.

Love and gratitude spilling from the Inkpot.


  1. Oh, Inky, I too am so grateful. Who knew that writing was a team sport? But in many ways it is. Sure, the bulk of our time is spent in solitary confinement as we endeavor to keep hold of that squirming story and actually get it written, but without the cheers and support and nudges from my sisters to stay the course, well, my endurance might have failed. Thank you...

  2. Sometimes when we're deep in the trenches it's hard to remember to be thankful. This is a great reminder of our Sisterhood and just how grateful I am to be included in the family.