Friday, September 9, 2011

Fogg in the Cockpit Book Signing at the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art on August 30, 2011

Thank you again, Julie and Karen, for organizing and hosting such a special event. You created a magical evening, one we shall never forget. And thank you as well to the Trumbles, who so generously shared their spectacular Museum of Western Art with all of us. ~ Dick and Janet Fogg


  1. Lovely pictures. Wish I could have been there. My husband and I run a small Western tack and gift business in the UK and sell Leanin' tree cards. They're beautiful!

    So glad you had such a great booksigning. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janet, so beautiful! Thanks for posting the photos. You and Dick delivered a truly moving presentation that none of us there will ever forget.