Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writer Recovering From the Holidays

Christmas anticipation, strategic planning, elaborate preparation, unbridled partying and tedious cleanup beat all the energy out of me. And we haven’t even taken down the tree. Despite the exhaustion, every year the holidays retain the sparkle of magic and allow for thoughts of writing BUT NO TIME FOR IT. Do I resent that? Yes, a bit. I know this is common; I know the alternate focus contributes to the memories of my children (including one who comes back from art school for holidays); I know the tree will soon be tucked away in its box. What I don’t know is how soon the muse will visit me again, in what form, and with what energy. I’m recharging in hopes that I can dive back in where I left off and make the words sparkle as brightly as did the Christmas lights. - best wishes for 2011 from the half-drained inkpot

1 comment:

  1. Your family and friends relish your parties and enjoy the fruits of your labor - you spoil all of us! Now please try to spoil yourself and refill the inkpot, though I suspect, with your energy level, that you'll continue to dance circles around me! I think a massage would help you. Some calm moments. And of course, lunch with your sisters!