Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Sisters:

I think I went through the same thought and emotional process with Soliloquy as you did with Ashes, Shannon. I was tired of querying agents and decided to look at small presses and see if I could sell my manuscript myself, and I'm absolutely content with having it published by TWRP. While I intend to look for an agent again when I'm finished Melting, if I don't find one, I'll probably look at small presses again. It's certainly fun to dream about a huge advance or an auction, but it's also quite fulfilling having my book on the bedroom shelf next to Harry Potter!

Sisters, we all have to be a half-a-bubble off to even write a book, don't you think? Then another quarter-of-a-bubble out of whack to keep pounding away in this crazy industry. But I also know that I am blessed. I'm currently traveling in space after my trip to World War II where I visited heroes of the highest caliber. I've learned from you three about the strength of family and delivering calves and the source of fine vellum, not to mention being terrified and brave and sometimes terribly amused. I've conquered evil and composed a musical lament. I've also found amazing sisters who buoy me up when I'm down, and give me a swift (but gentle!) kick upon occasion. I could go on and on. Our stories are waiting, pushing, shoving to be free. And I can't wait to visit them! Love. Folio

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  1. We are family.... I got all my sisters with me. Imagine the music. All love and encouragement from the Inkpot