Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby By The Side Of The Road.

Why, oh why, do pre-holiday preparations, holiday expectations, and post holiday recovery take so much time from writing? I feel like I've left my baby at the side of the road. This is one time when I can say without hesitation that I was too busy - not just avoiding the challenge of another chapter. This season was non-stop, rush-about trying to accomplish even 3/4 of what needed to be done. I'm hoping I can now relax and enjoy writing over lunches again, editing in the evenings, and wallowing in the nuturing presence of two sisters every Thursday again along with our out-of-town sister's spirit (in the chair next to us). Thank you sisters for being my super-duper, very bestest sisters. Now kick my butt if I don't get back to my suspense novel! In other words, if you see that baby by the side of the road, bring it home to me. Love from the Inkpot.


  1. Sister, we shall always bring that baby home to you - just as you do for us! Now repeat after me: "I shall not kick myself, I shall not kick myself..." Folio

  2. Baby by the side of the road! What an image. My baby is crying in the crib while I worry through figuring out how to manage a book launch and busy season at work. Meantime, dear sister, remember that we need to live in our lives with our loved ones, too. Balance.