Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Light My Shoe?

OK, some creepy guy on a flight to Denver sets his shoe on fire to cover up his stink. He gets national attention. So that's what it takes! Silly me. I thought writing a book (maybe also to cover up my stink), succeeding with contests, then marketing it with all my might, was the way to go. Silly, silly me. I'm getting out the matches! Oh, sisters, I may need to go into a pyromania 12-step program soon! Heat generating from the Inkpot

1 comment:

  1. Ah, but we burn up the pages (and keyboard) every day, don't we? Yet the potential for a reality show about authors is slim (to none). Envision the commercials. "Join Inkpot at lunch as she plots her next scene!" "Get out your red pen and help Folio edit Chapter Eight. Again. And again. And again." "Head to the Grand Canyon with Nib to research Hopi traditions!" (Well, that last one might be fun!) Hmm. Now that you mention it, perhaps I should bring over some wood….