Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Nightly Met

We had a blast talking about Misfortune Annie with Avery Anderson, host of The Nightly Met.

Thank you again, Avery!

Monday, April 3, 2017

A Serenade to Die For

A sultry singer, her hunky ex-boyfriend, his stolen hot rod, a kidnapped father, and his priceless Aztec sword.  The chase is on!

Available now for pre-order in paperback or ebook!

The Wild Rose Press
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Folio's New Book Written With Dave Jackson

Sister Folio and her collaborator have published a new book: Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper.  It's a great read!  It will be enjoyed by young and older alike.  Here's my review I also posted it on  Buy the book.  You won't be sorry! 

Teen Annabelle Fortune, more aptly called Misfortune Annie, must stop a brilliant inventor turned killer.

Annie is a tough, smart-as-her-own-whip, old west Tomboy who thinks her biggest challenge is resisting an off-the-reservation Cheyenne suitor. But when lawmen, including mentor Wyatt Earp, think she has what it takes to catch the Locomotive Reaper, she must tug herself over and over from a quicksand of danger while finding the killer equipped with a hydrogen-powered flying rig and multiple ways of killing.

She is forced to work alongside Slokam, “cool as a snow-fed creek,” hater of “wounded bar music,” and not entirely trustable. She faces late night cold that makes one’s “bones feel like they’ll freeze up and snap in two,” informants with tempers like diamondbacks, skull walls, saloon shootouts, and narrow passageways (you MUST read the book to see how Annie deals with claustrophobia using a straw hat). On top of everything else, she must tame a runaway locomotive compliments of our sack headed doom dealer.

The book reads at breakneck speed from the moment Annie is lured into the job then left behind in a none-too-safe place. There’s a head-fights-heart angle and the intriguing question of whether nature will have the final word. I can’t wait until book two’s next adventure. Please, pretty please, Ms. Fogg and Mr. Jackson, I hope to learn where her father is. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hott Books review of Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper!

Hott Books review:

"Wow. I’m speechless. I absolutely LOVED Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper!

"At a time when women weren’t typically adventurers, especially at Annie’s age, it’s great fun to see a story about a girl who loves an adventure, is capable, and well-respected. I think Annie is a great model for young girls, especially those who don’t like the feminine trappings, and she gives us a great story to while away an afternoon.

"I’ll definitely be looking for more Misfortune Annie books to read & share!"

Thank you, Hott Books!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Sister Folio and I wrote a treatment and beginning of a script called Chartres
When we pitched it, we were told it sounded derivitive of Di Vinci Code. We'd created it before the book came out. I've heard many authors talk about this happening to them.  It seems ideas leak out into the air and get caught by others.  
Another of our scripts, No One Asked the River, takes place in China, a whipper-snapper producer said, "China? Nobody cares to watch a Chinese themed or located movie." The very next year Crouching Tiger came out, then House of Flying Daggers, Kung Fu Soccer, etc - big hits. Wouldn't it be ironic if that same producer called No One Asked the River derivative now? 

Ideas time travel.

We need to get our work out there when it's wanted.  If only we could know exactly when that is.

Has this ever happened to you?  If so, please share your experience with

the Inkpot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quirky Props for Characters - Bizarre Stuff For Your People

There are many places you can get ideas for personal belongings that set your characters apart.

When I fly United, the greatest source of entertainment is the Sky Mall Magazine. 

I can’t believe what wise guys invent and others, less wise, buy.  Writers, take note; a quirky character can own quirky things.  Sky Mall is full of inspiration. On the most recent trip, gone was my favorite - the Lawn Yeti - which always made me question the mindset of crypto zoologists. 
The new Sky Mall featured improved items to thrill those-with-everything who crave unnecessary and ludicrous gadgets. 

Appropriately, I listened to Madonna’s Material Girl as I thumbed through the catalogue and saw a blow up thing that you’re supposed to lean on, not your face, your whole body.  On the next page, I learned I could rest secure in the knowledge that I could make a perfect pop-up egg in an electric Eggmaster – like it’s hard to use a pan????  Then to complement it, page 25 offered Environmentally “Green Gourmet Cookware.”  Really?  Must we be P.C. even when we cook?

Since much of my writing involves food as a theme, I thought something like that could come in handy for an oddball character.


I turned the page and puzzled over a faceless watch  -  a wrist band where the time shows up on the links of the watch band.  Why? I asked myself. Haven’t all the gear-head, gadget-loving people moved on from watches altogether?


Then there came the Miocrodermabrasion System that will clear those pesky pores, featuring a pore-sized vacuum straw, no kidding!

Great for a spurned wife seeking a new lover or a desperately insecure teen maybe?

If pores weren’t your problem but your butt was, the Magic Benefit Panty promised to give those who are butt-less a seriously great bubble butt.  This is quite important when dancing these days…especially if you are shaking you stuff to the namesake song: Bubble Butt.
The last one truly confused me – a shirt with pockets under the armpits.  I could understand it if it was meant to hide a container of deodorant.  But I’m sorry, a passport, jewelry, and credit cards under your arms?  Really?  It advised me to put my cash there.  Really?  Who’d want it after it’s been to Sweat Heaven and back?   If your character wants one, it’s called a Compression Security Travel T-Shirt.  With seven (yes seven!) hidden pockets, it’s only $69.95.  But they don’t offer reimbursement for the pain of scraped and chapped underarms.  I can see a character suffering after wearing such a thing for a few hours as he perspires heavily as the bad guy sits next to him with a dinner knife aimed at his ribs.
Sky Mall isn't the only place to discover quirky belongings for your characters.  At Uncommon Goods you can find ideas for outfitting your nerdish secondary character.  He might like a ray gun sculpture which can be had there for only $170.   
Or a skateboard stool...  
And for your wealthy couple a map made of license plates.  They'd only need to fork out $3,900

If one ignores the other, maybe he hides in an ostrich pillow.


Or wastes money on a Back To The Future Flux Capacitor!

A Caticorn Cat Unicorn Shower Curtain?
Being the foodie that I am, I was especially attracted to the Spam and Ketchup cookbooks.  Each only sets your cook back about $10
And if your character is a low budget foodie, maybe he has a $13 Wilton 'Football' Novelty Cake Pan.
For your kinky romance character the handy dandy Baby Banana Toothbrush with Handle.

Because you also want to engage your readers senses, they also sell cookie dough or zombie cologne.
ModCloth will thrill your quirky teen with a taco purse
                              a jaws necklace
and math leggings for your genius cheerleader.
Have fun tooling around on these and other quirky gift sites for props. They are great places to find the little fun belongings that bring characters alive. Do you know of any cool places to find prop ideas?