Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book signings!

With the long-anticipated and slightly-dreaded first book signings now tucked firmly beneath my belt, thought I'd post these pictures and reflect back for a moment.

Most importantly, I now view signings as a celebration, not a pressure cooker to worry about and sweat over. Even the signing that was poorly attended was pleasant as we visited with the book store owner and reminisced with the few friends who defied the slick roads to attend.

Having a "veteran" with two novices also served us well. Carol advised us as to what might work well for reading topics and she surprised us with a quick "Ten at Eight" at the end, when she posed quick questions for immediate answers - everything from "how long did it take to write this book" to "are you a pantser or plotter?" Fun for us and for our vast (Ha!) audience!

And then there were the delicious after-signing parties - champagne and pear-brie and a cupcake keyboard accompanied by conversation about books with good friends.

Hey! Who ate the A and Z and P and L keys?

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